Whose back at it again? It's THQ Nordic and parent company Embracer Group, of course. The twosome has become known for snapping up studios at an impressively fast pace over the past couple of years, but it appears to have truly outdone itself today. Embracer Group has just announced the acquisition of eight more developers, meaning they now fall under the same umbrella as Saber Interactive, Gunfire Games, Piranha Bytes and so many more.

The biggest addition to the portfolio of Embracer Group is 4A Games, who put out the Metro series and most recently Metro: Exodus. Its games were already being published by Deep Silver -- another studio owned by the company -- but now the team has also been brought under the Embracer Group wing.

Elsewhere, it has acquired New World Entertainment, who will release Insurgency: Sandstorm later this month, and a developer focused on older free-to-play titles named Deca Games. One more team is Vermila Studios, who is working on its first project, while Rare Earth Games focuses on multiplayer games. Palindrome Interactive, Pow Wow Entertainment, and Sola Media round out the purchases for today.

We may not have heard of the majority of these studios, but this is still an impressive bolstering of the Embracer Group line-up. 4A Games brings even more quality to the publisher's selection of titles, but the team may want to start work on something else as we approach the PlayStation 5 generation.

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