We've all had a good laugh about the fact that Grand Theft Auto V will now be launching on a third console, but what will this port actually do for a game that still has its roots buried in 2013? Well, as part of its latest earnings call, Take Two states that it will come packaged with a number of technical improvements which make it "more responsive". We have to assume this is in relation to the way the title controls.

Meanwhile, the behemoth that is Grand Theft Auto Online will keep on trucking with content that can only be played on PC and the next-gen consoles, including PlayStation 5. Don't forget that PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to claim GTA Online for themselves when it hits the service in the latter half of 2021 for three months. Push Square's own Sammy Barker and the wider gaming community have been hoping for the online version of the game to load quicker on PS5, so let's hope these upgrades allow that to happen.

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