Godfall PS5 DualSense Controller

Following the title's in-depth gameplay showing during Sony's latest State of Play livestream, Godfall developer Counterplay Games has taken to the PlayStation Blog in order to explain how the action RPG "feels".

The PS5's DualSense controller is being taken into consideration here, and it sounds like Godfall is going to take full advantage of the pad's unique features. For starters, the controller's haptic feedback will "simulate a variety of surfaces and textures". So depending on what kind of terrain you're traversing, your DualSense will offer different vibrations.

And then there's the combat, which appears to be the entire point of Godfall. "In Godfall, you will bring the fight to your enemies using five different weapons classes, and we wanted to make sure that each one plays and feels unique. We accomplished this using adaptive triggers, so the piercing thrust of your Polearm doesn’t glide with the same heft as your two-handed Warhammer," the post explains.

Hopefully Godfall's combat can nail that satisfying feeling that all great action titles have -- and hopefully the DualSense helps it along the way.

[source blog.playstation.com]