Wait, are our eyes deceiving us or is this a perfectly acceptable upcoming G.I. Joe game? The franchise has played host to some stinkers over the years – most notably the Rise of Cobra movie tie-in on the PlayStation 3 – but this all-new effort due out on 13th October looks like a competent, corny adaptation of the legendary franchise.

Operation Blackout's campaign will see you play as 12 different characters across 18 missions, divided evenly between Team Joe and Team Cobra. It features an original story inspired by the 80s comics, and will take you to a number of iconic locations, including Cobra Headquarters and the U.S.S. Flagg. By the looks of things, it’ll adopt a “hero”-inspired format, with each character having different strengths and weaknesses.

There’ll also be a multiplayer mode, featuring popular modes like Capture the Flag, Assault, and King of the Hill. Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think, because some embarrassing voice acting aside, we actually reckon this looks pretty good.

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