Genshin Impact Release Date PS4

Genshin Impact, the action RPG from developer miHoYo, is finally releasing on PlayStation 4 late next month. The game's been in development for a while, and we've been following it ever since it was announced for Sony's system in 2019. You may remember that some crazy Nintendo fans caused a ruckus when it was revealed because it looks a bit like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild -- at least in terms of graphical style.

In reality, while it does share some similarities with Nintendo's blockbuster, Genshin Impact is very much its own game. It has multiple playable characters and a wealth of RPG systems. It's also free-to-play, and yes, it's got microtransactions. Here's hoping that they don't have too much of a, er, impact on the experience.

Oh, and the game will feature some PS4 exclusive content:

Genshin Impact PS4 Exclusive

Beyond microtransactions, our only worry with Genshin Impact is its technical performance. We played the closed beta about a month ago, and to be frank, the game ran terribly on PS4 Pro. Frame rate issues and noticeable input lag ruined our time with the beta, so we sincerely hope that the finished product runs a lot better.

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