FIFA 21 really seems to be stepping up its game with this latest instalment, bringing with it sweeping changes to gameplay and Career Mode. It's Ultimate Team where EA Sports makes all its money though, and that too will receive some welcome improvements. Alongside better co-op play, events specific to real-life players, and the iconic FUT 100, you will also get the chance to customise your very own stadium.

As detailed in the trailer above, you can enhance the match-day experience with custom music, goal celebrations, and pyrotechnics. You can also level up your home ground with new tiers to unlock and other ways "to make it bounce". This is such a cool inclusion that takes a step in the direction that this particular scribe has always wanted the FIFA franchise to go in. It won't be a standard ground until they make it to the Premier League, but now Derby County fans can create their very own Pride Park Stadium. That's what this Push Square editor will be doing, at least.

Which grounds will you recreate in-game? Let us know in the comments below.