The first proper FIFA 21 gameplay trailer is here, and it goes over many of the improvements that you can expect from this year's instalment. The big takeaway here is that the game promises more control over your teammates. There's an emphasis on manual runs, where you can tell surrounding players when and where to make a decisive sprint.

Dribbling has also been updated, supposedly allowing for more accurate close control of the ball when you're trying to embarrass defenders. What's more, the collision system's been revamped to make for more natural tussles, and world-beating centre backs like van Dijk are more effective at blocking opponents and incoming shots.

On top of all this, FIFA 21 will introduce a couple of new gameplay features. There's a super hard difficulty level that's supposed to emulate playing against the best FIFA players in the world, and a new 'gameplay rewind' function lets you roll back the action a few seconds in kick off mode.

Another year, another FIFA gameplay trailer that showcases a lot of promise -- but the proof will be on the pitch when the game launches on the 9th October.