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Holy smokes. We all know that Fall Guys is popular right now, but if this updated figure is to be believed, it's being played by a number of people that would make triple-A games jealous. The 60-player online battle royale title has captured the attention of pretty much everybody, including numerous gaming companies, and we know from this infographic that the game has sold over two million copies on Steam. On PlayStation 4, the game launched as part of PS Plus, meaning a vast number of people gained access to it for free. But how many people are actually playing?

According to gamstat, a website that tracks PlayStation Network players via Trophy data, Fall Guys has an incredibly healthy player base. The site claims the Devolver Digital title has 15.6 million active players as of 16th August. This is nearly double the estimation from a week prior.

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This figure isn't wholly accurate, nor does it represent sales, but it does provide us with a rough idea of how popular something is on PS4. As Rodelero points out on ResetEra, free-to-play shooter Fortnite reached 10 million players across all platforms after its first two weeks. Fall Guys is a small game, but a big deal, it seems.

Are you one of the nearly 16 million people playing Fall Guys on PS4? Grab the crown in the comments section below.

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