PlayStation 5 just keeps on getting cool game announcements, doesn't it? If you weren't hungry for next-gen before, you might be after you see Nour: Play With Your Food. This left-field indie title is in development for PS5, and is all about mucking around with delicious dishes.

There are no real objectives in Nour; instead, you're presented with a selection of interactive vignettes about food and drink. You'll be throwing tapioca balls into bubble tea, gawping at a kaleidoscope of biscuits, and stacking sandwiches high with all manner of fillings. As you tinker with each edible scene, a dynamic soundtrack will react to what you do. The end result is an audio-visual experience that'll probably make you hungry.

There's no release date yet, but hopefully this won't be in the oven for too long. What do you think of Nour: Play With Your Food? Have a food fight in the comments section below.