The Last of Us 2 PS4

Sony will continue to explore the expansion of its first-party titles to the PC, as it looks to “promote further growth in our profitability”. The tidbit shouldn’t come as a major surprise after the recent release of Horizon Zero Dawn on Steam, but it’s unlikely to sit particularly well with long-time fans who feel PlayStation may be losing a competitive advantage.

The manufacturer will need to weigh things up, but we can’t imagine there’s much harm in experimenting. There is potential profit to be earned from the lucrative PC market, but it’ll need to decide what kind of cost that comes with. Some argue that the Japanese giant is distilling one of its biggest selling points by making key titles available elsewhere.

We reckon that there’s no real harm in this, as the releases are unlikely to be ported until long after their sales trajectory has bottomed out. As such, it could actually help increase the profile of some of its brands, driving more people back to PlayStation as all-new instalments in major franchises launch. How do you feel about all this?