A brand new trailer for cross-gen racer DIRT 5 as debuted during Gamescom Opening Night Live. This video focuses on a mode new to the franchise -- Playgrounds.

In Playgrounds mode, players can create their own events, custom arenas, races, and more using all sorts of objects and obstacles. You'll then be able to share them online with everyone else, meaning there will be a constant stream of user-made challenges to play. Oh, and don't worry -- all versions of the game have access to all the Playgrounds content. If a friend makes something on the PS4 game, you'll be able to play it on the PS5 version. Nice! It's a cool addition to a game that's already looking pretty promising.

At the end of the trailer, Codemasters teases Vampire mode, but we don't know how that'll work just yet.

Do you like the look of DIRT 5's Playgrounds mode? Spin those wheels in the comments section below.

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