We've known for a while that Control from Remedy would be coming to PlayStation 5 at some point in the future, but now the developer has chosen to detail what that means exactly. And, well, it does not make for the best of readings. Control: Ultimate Edition bundles together the base game, all its DLC, and every update and patch up to now for both PS5 and PlayStation 4 later this year. It's the typical re-release we see time and time again a year or so after a game's launch. However, this is the only version of the game that offers a free upgrade to the next-gen console.

Essentially, what this means is that if you own a PS4 copy of Control right now, and even the Season Pass on top of that, you will now have to fork out cash for another version. That is despite you already owning the exact same content that the Ultimate Edition has to offer. As we said, this new version is just the bundling together of the base game, patches, and DLC. The only thing to it is that it allows for a free PS5 upgrade.

This is quite the controversial move from Remedy and publisher 505 Games at it flies in the face of what every other gaming company is doing right now. For a full list of all free PS4 to PS5 game upgrades announced so far, head on through the link. Unfortunately, you won't find the base version of Control on there.

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