Astragon Entertainment will make another stop on the PlayStation 4 next year, with Bus Simulator 21. The sequel to Still Alive’s surprisingly popular public transport title will once again plot the return of officially licensed buses from brands such as Alexander Dennis, but will also introduce double-deckers and electric buses for the first time.

There’ll also be two maps available from the off: Seaside Valley will return in its expanded form, revised and reworked for the new release, and it’ll be joined by a brand new US-inspired setting named Angel Shores. Inspired by the San Francisco Bay area, this will include industrial districts, Chinatown, and much more.

“The game's sophisticated management systems will offer even more freedom, numerous new and expanded features, and, for the first time, the option of setting up detailed timetables for your own bus fleet,” explains the press release. There’ll be random events for you to tackle, as well as a sandbox mode where you’ll be able to approach however you please.

The title’s currently scheduled to release on the PS4 in 2021, although the developer adds that “the possibilities to make the game compatible with the upcoming generation of consoles is currently still being explored”. Presumably it’ll work through backwards compatibility on the PS5, although we’re waiting on additional details from Sony about how that will all work.