PS4 PS Store

Sony made a big blunder overnight, accidentally publishing a $0.49 test client onto the PlayStation Store for consumers to purchase. The “game” – named Whale Whale Whale: What Do We Have Here? – mentions “early server development and integration” in its description. It also refers to both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, suggesting it could be used as a case study for publishers planning to sell upgradable titles that will transition from the company’s current-gen console to its next-gen one.

Video footage of the curious app has appeared online, and it does appear to be some kind of Software Development Kit tool. It looks like, for example, it’s possible to test promotional code redemptions within the client, indicating that publishers may be able to use it to see if DLC and microtransactions can effectively be redeemed in their releases. How exactly it ended up on the public PS Store is a mystery, but no doubt someone received a ticking off over it!