Dreams DreamsCom PS4 PlayStation 4

Dreams is a hotbed for creative PlayStation 4 players, and that's more apparent than ever this week. DreamsCom, or Dreams Community Showcase, is taking place within the game right now, providing hundreds of creators with space to share their vision with the wider audience. We've had a look -- it's wonderful, and not just because there's no queueing involved.

What hits you straight away is the sheer volume DreamsCom accommodates; shared across 42 rooms are more than 300 exhibits, each one with a booth customised by each participant. You can easily lose hours and hours simply going from the first show floor to the last, observing each stall. There's so much variety in what's being shown off and how the creations are being presented.

However, it doesn't end with the show floors and fancy booths. Walk inside one of the displays, and they may have further things for you to see and do. One booth, for Mimeo Prophecy, has a dog that will follow you around, and you can give him commands and tell him he's a good boy. Many of the stalls also link to playable creations. It's a fantastic way to show off what the community's up to.

If you have Dreams, we'd encourage you to check out the DreamsCom 20 Show Floor. Either follow that link, or find it at the top of DreamSurfing when you start up the game. There's no rush, as the show doesn't have an end date of any kind. It's a good thing, too, given how much there is to see. Have you had a walk around DreamsCom within Dreams? Tell us which is your favourite booth in the comments section below.