It's the 25th anniversary of the Worms franchise, and Team 17 is celebrating by changing things up with the latest entry. Worms Rumble has been announced for PlayStation 5 and PS4, and it's a big departure from the turn-based warfare we all know and love. Instead of the tactical battles we've come to expect from the series, Rumble sees the titular worms duke it out in real-time.

Bringing Worms to real-time means big changes to gameplay, including the fundamentals. Moving around will be much faster than before; you're able to roll around at speed, wall jump, and dodge attacks, though these moves will drain a stamina meter.

The game launches with three modes. Deathmatch is your regular mode that sees 32 players going at it. Last Worm Standing and Last Squad Standing are battle royale modes, again with 32 players. Restricted zones mean you can't stay in any one location for too long. In the squad variant, there's a revival mechanic so you can keep your team going strong. Worms Rumble supports cross-play with other platforms too, so there should be no shortage of worms to fight.

We imagine this will be an ongoing project for Team 17, with new modes and seasonal content likely coming after launch. The game arrives later this year, but what do you make of it? Do you like this direction for Worms, or would you prefer they stick to their turn-based guns? Tell us in the comments section below.