Surprisingly, World War I is a historic battle that has been largely unexplored in the gaming industry. Battlefield 1 took a stab at it and building off of its predecessor, Verdun, is Tannenberg. This online FPS allows up to 40 soldiers to battle it out on the Eastern Front and it's finally coming to PlayStation 4 after months of positive reviews over on Steam. It hits Sony's current-gen console on 24th July 2020 from developer Blackmill Games.

The large-scale warfare of Tannenberg takes places along the border of Russia, with its main mode titled Maneuver. The objective is to capture key points across the map and whittle down the enemy's victory points to zero. "Choose your squad, pick a loadout, and fight to control the battlefield. Utilize artillery, gas, heavy machine guns, and more to gain victory! Every nation in Tannenberg is outfitted with authentic weapons, gear and uniforms true to the times. Effort has been taken to include the often forgotten participants in the Eastern Front fighting, from Roumania and Latvia to Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria."

This console release will also come packaged with a completely brand new map -- the Austro-Hungarian fortress of Przemyśl. Developer Blackmill Games also ensures that the PS4 version has been optimised, as well as extra effort made to take advantage of the PS4 Pro. That includes enhanced visuals, controls, and performance.

Mike Hergaarden, co-founder at M2H, said: "Following community feedback after the initial Verdun console release, we decided to handle all console versions of our titles in house - this started with the recent remaster of Verdun. This gave us valuable experience with optimizing the UI, graphics and controls for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and we got a lot of positive feedback from players. For the console version of Tannenberg we built it ourselves from the start."

Do you plan on taking a trip back in time with Tannenberg later this month? Gear up and choose your friends wisely in the comments below.