World War I is a time period that hasn't been explored too much in games, but Tannenberg is trying to change that with today's PlayStation 4 release. Based on the eastern front, up to 40 players can battle it out for territory and dominance in online multiplayer matches. The main mode appears to revolve around capturing key sectors of the map and whittling your enemy's tickets down to zero -- it's a lot like a Battlefield title in that regard. If this sounds like you'd be interested in, check out the launch trailer above and head on over to the PlayStation Store. Tannenberg is out right now on PS4.

We'll be taking a look at this one for ourselves over the coming days, so expect a Push Square review next week. In the meantime, however, publisher M2H promises that the game has been optimised to take advantage of the PS4 Pro. Developer and M2H co-founder Mike Hergaarden said: "We’re proud to release our first fully in house console releases on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 today! Building on the experience gained with our popular remaster of Verdun, we have reworked everything from the UI and controls to in-game graphics specifically for each console."

The game will be available both on its own and as part of a bundle with Verdun and 12 PSN avatars. Will you be taking to the battlefields of World War I this weekend? Storm the trenches in the comments below.