Prophecy Sucker Punch PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Update: The video has been pulled from YouTube, but you can still watch the full demo through here.

Original Story: Well, well, well. Many of you will be settling down with another session of Ghost of Tsushima today, but you could have ended up with Prophecy instead. A full 10-minute vertical slice of the cancelled release has emerged online, and you can see elements of both inFAMOUS and Ghost of Tsushima in the footage.

The project appears to be set in a kind of Medieval city, and there’s plenty of sword-fighting and Assassin’s Creed-esque parkour. It’s obviously early, but it doesn’t have the same visual identity as Jin’s debut adventure, and it’s easy to see why the team opted to develop Ghost of Tsushima instead. It’s fascinating seeing a concept video this long, though – especially now we’re playing the game it would later become.

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