Watch Dogs Legion PS5 PS4

Watch Dogs Legion will be out in full force during this weekend's Ubisoft Forward event, and following that, select media sites will be publishing hands on impressions after playing the game over the past week or so. However, because of that, a couple of in-game screenshots have been leaked onto the internet and you can get a quick look at what to expect from Ubisoft's third Watch Dogs iteration below.

The images don't really give much away, but we do get a good look at a menu where it looks like you'll be selecting your playable character from. You can scroll through various operatives, get a good look at potential recruits, and work out what weapons and gadgets protagonists will come equipped with. There'll also be perks such as Rally Cry and Tough Drunk and spy gadgets and vehicles. Pretty cool, right?

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For more information on when you can tune in for an official look at Watch Dogs Legion, check out our full Ubisoft Forward guide that'll answer all your questions. Can you glean any interesting details from these screenshots? If you do, post them in the comments below.