Following a significant delay which pushed it beyond a summer launch, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope has now been dated for 30th October 2020 on PlayStation 4. This follow-up to Man of Medan is the second title in the Bandai Namco-published series and will follow the events of an isolated town trapped in amongst a mysterious fog. The Movie Night and Shared Play modes will return with this sequel.

On the PlayStation Blog, series director and executive producer Pete Samuels says that Little Hope is inspired by classic horror movies such as Blair Witch, Hellraiser, and The Witch. "After bearing witness to the town’s gruesome past, and the terrible events of 17th Century Witch trials, hellish beings pursue them relentlessly. Trapped in Little Hope they try to figure out the motivation of these demonic apparitions before the evil forces at work drags each of their souls to hell!"

Little Hope will also feature some gameplay improvements after Supermassive Games took feedback from Man of Medan into account. Alerts can now be utilised when you're about to trigger a quick-time event, context-sensitive icons are now used for interacting with objects, and a floating camera allows you to control the action at all times. These sound like welcome enhancements which will hopefully make for a better game -- Little Hope at least has a much more interesting premise than last year's Man of Medan.

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