We do love Superhot here at Push Square, whether it's in PlayStation VR or not. The original game is small, but has a fantastic central idea that turns the first person shooter into a slow-mo puzzle. If you want more of that stylish, time-moves-when-you-move action, Superhot: Mind Control Delete is right around the corner.

This brand new game builds upon the original title, offering "dozens of hours of gameplay" and "much less linear" levels. You'll make your way through various stages, encountering new enemy types, using new weapons, and exploring new power-ups. It'll also feature a more subtle story for players to discover. In a PlayStation Blog post, the developer speaks about what was cut from the game, and it sounds like this is another lean experience.

Mind Control Delete is due for release on PlayStation 4 on 16th July. What's more, if you own Superhot for PS4 already (or buy it before this new entry launches), you get the new game for free. This does not apply for owners of Superhot VR, so if you want to nab a freebie, make sure you have the regular version of Superhot.

Will you be jacking back into the world of Superhot with Mind Control Delete? Hack into the comments section below.

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