We love a good story here at Push Square, and the narrative-based adventure title Where the Heart Is looks to deliver on that in spades. Announced as part of Sony's new PlayStation Indies initiative, Armature Studio has crafted a title which takes characters through various points in their lives as well as tackling the "interplay between the grounded and the ethereal."

The trailer above states that Where the Heart Is currently scheduled to hit PlayStation 4 this winter, meaning it'll also be playable on PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility. "In this game, decisions big and small add up over time to create entirely different gameplay paths and outcomes for the characters, and it won’t be possible to see them all in a single playthrough. Like in life, the path you’re currently on might not have clear resolutions at the start, but the more you travel down it, the more your actions are reflected in your overall story." It sounds fascinating for sure.

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