Update: In a statement issued to IGN, Sony has denied that the retail kiosks spotted in stores are PlayStation 5 related. The Japanese giant didn't elaborate on what the displays are being used for, but presumably they were running PlayStation 4 demos prior to the coronavirus crisis.

In fact, given the ongoing pandemic, it's looking increasingly unlikely we'll be able to get our hands on the PS5 until launch day. What a strange year it's been!

Update: Hmm, we've been contacted by a Currys PC World employee who says that these kiosks have been around for "maybe about a year now". Despite them boasting PlayStation 5 colouring, he says that the yellow tape is due to the pandemic, but doesn't have an explanation for the absent display and console. "Theft risk?" he hypothesises. We'll contact both Sony and Currys PC World to see if we can learn more.

Original Story: What looks like a demo station for the PlayStation 5 has been spotted in a UK shop. The shop in question appears to be a branch of Currys PC Word (as far as we can tell), and the image is from @IronCoreGame on Twitter.

PS5 Demo Station UK
Image: IronCoreGame

The next-gen console itself isn't on display yet, but everything's clearly in place. The stall shares the same white, blue, and black colour scheme as the PS5, and there are two controller docks. In other words, shoppers may not have to wait long until they can get their hands on the DualSense.

It's a potentially exciting find, because it suggests that Sony's plans are moving ahead at pace. The PS5 is still set to launch holiday 2020, and so we're getting to a point where the company will want to start promoting the system in public spaces.

Of course, this also means that pre-orders could open soon. Sony recently stated that it won't open pre-orders with no warning, so if this really is happening, you can expect some kind of announcement to take place first. Naturally, we'll be here to report on any breaking news.

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