Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice PS4 PlayStation 4

Activision and FromSoftware have provided us some fresh information on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The game may be somewhat of a black sheep among the developer's other action titles, but it's still managed to sell more than 5 million copies since launch, according to a new press release. More exciting, though, is that the game is set to receive a major update. The title will get a number of interesting new features later this year, and they may be enough to entice players to jump back in.

First and foremost, this update grants the ability to battle bosses you've previously defeated. Accessible via Sculptor's Idols, Reflections of Strength are single fights against any adversary you've already bested, while Gauntlets of Strength pit you against a string of bosses in a row. It's essentially Boss Rush mode, which will certainly be a challenge.

Next up, FromSoft is adding three unlockable cosmetic skins to the game. You can earn one of these new outfits by simply beating the game, while the other two are tied to the aforementioned Gauntlets.

Lastly, the update will bring some limited online functionality to Sekiro. Remnants are recordings of your actions -- up to 30 seconds long -- that you can send to other players, with the option to add a message. "Share strategies and hints via network to broaden the scope of play," reads the official description.

What's more, all this new stuff will be added to the game for free. It won't arrive until 29th October, but if you're a fan of this tough shinobi action title, it sounds like this will be worth the wait. What do you think of these incoming additions? Will you hop back into Sekiro to try these new features out? Work on your timing in the comments section below.

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