Resident Evil Resistance PS4

While Resident Evil 3 appears to have been all but forgotten about, its multiplayer pack-in Resident Evil Resistance is continuing to thrive with even more DLC in the pipeline. Capcom has today announced a new costume pack which allows each and every survivor to dress up as Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield from Resident Evil 2. We don't know how much this new piece of content will cost just yet, but the publisher has said it will arrive in August.

We have to say, we're a big fan of Jill Valentine in that classic, red jacket. If only we could take that costume into Resident Evil 3, huh? Capcom has thrown fans a bone with the upcoming All in-Game Rewards Unlock DLC, but that's hardly worth shouting about. It doesn't even add new content! Are you still playing Resident Evil Resistance online? How's it going? Avoid the Mastermind in the comments below.