Budget Cuts PS4 PlayStation 4 VR PSVR

For those out of the loop, Budget Cuts is a highly acclaimed title that became an early success story for virtual reality on PC. It's a stealth action adventure in which you must sneak and stab through a company building full of hostile robots. It was announced to be coming to PlayStation VR last year, and was planned for release this month. Unfortunately, that date has slipped.

Budget Cuts will now sneak onto PSVR on 25th September. While this means we have an extra couple of months to wait, developer Neat Corporation has been busy building an entirely new level for this version of the game.

Called Panopticon, the new stage has been "designed specifically with PSVR in mind". As you can read about over on the PS Blog, the stage is built around getting to a specific point in the middle of a circular space. "The importance of choice" is a focus of the level, which will let you tackle it in more than one way. It's cool that PSVR users who have been waiting patiently to play the game will be getting a little extra something.

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