Ever since it was announced, PlayStation 5 console exclusive Godfall has been described as a melee-themed Destiny. According to a new interview with technical producer Richard Heyne, however, that’s not the case. Speaking with Arekkz Gaming, he explained that the next-gen release will not adopt the divisive “games as a service” model that titles like The Division employ, and that it won’t have microtransactions.

According to the developer, there is a full-length campaign, which you can beat. Replayability comes courtesy of endgame content which you can tackle once you’ve completed the main story quest. “We don't consider the game a service,” explained Heyne. “There are no microtransactions in Godfall, but we are planning plenty of content for you to dig into once [final boss] Macros is defeated.”

Are you paying attention to this title now? It’s interesting to learn these tidbits about Godfall, as we had a pretty firm image in our mind of what the title was going to be like, but it sounds like we’ve been way off base. The absence of microtransactions and the confirmation of a core campaign has increased our interest a little, and the new exclusive gameplay included in the video interview embedded above looks decent, too.

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