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Coronavirus induced lockdowns may have caused headaches for PlayStation this year, but Sony has also benefited greatly from the increased importance of home entertainment. And while the manufacturer’s had to alter its marketing model slightly, it’s also effectively leveraged increased interest in video games on social media.

Here’s what Twitter’s Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal told investors during a recent earnings call: “PlayStation leveraged an 89 per cent global increase in video game conversation on Twitter in late Q1 to build interest and awareness for the PS5. Their successful takeover campaign with a Branded Emoji, a Promoted Trend Spotlight, and First View, resulted in PlayStation being the top global trend with over 1 million mentions over two days and a four times higher engagement rate than the benchmark.”

The message here from Twitter’s perspective is that the social network is a great place to promote your brand, but we also reckon Sony has done a stellar job across all of its available outreach platforms to seriously push the PlayStation 5 into the mainstream. It’s going to be awesome to see what it cooks up later in the year.

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