Would You Pay $70 for a Brand New PS5 Game? Poll 1

Over the past week or so, the price of games has once again become a major topic of discussion. Sparked by the next-gen NBA 2K21, the basketball simulator plans to charge its users $69.99 for a copy of the game on PlayStation 5. This is, of course, a $10 increase over what consumers have come to expect out of major AAA titles. There are arguments for and against why this price increase should take place so let's delve into the matter for today's poll.

It has become increasingly obvious that it costs more money to develop a game now than ever before. With some studios employing more than 1,000 individual developers to help ship the biggest games in the world, such as Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the likes of Ubisoft now have to pay out more to its workers. 4K assets cost more to make, open worlds are getting even larger, and mechanics are becoming more complex to the point where multiple teams are needed to implement them correctly. It has never been harder to put out a AAA title and reap the profitable rewards from it than now unless you're an Activision or an EA with yearly releases.

However, it also feels like publishers had reached a happy medium during the PlayStation 4 generation. The biggest games retailed for $60, but they were supported by microtransactions in a lot of cases. This is a sore spot for a lot of enthusiastic gamers, but you can't deny that they yielded results. The purchase of cosmetic items has helped multiple titles be supported long past their initial launch with new content and DLC and so you could argue that this is a model which is working. However, there will always be a dark cloud hanging over the head of microtransactions purely because of what they stand for.

Would You Pay $70 for a Brand New PS5 Game? Poll 2

It's a tricky subject, isn't it? Developers deserve to be paid for the amount of effort they put into their games, but at the same time, raising the price without a compelling reason as to why is sure to give anyone an uneasy feeling. As always though, we want to know what you think of this topic. Are you prepared to pay $70 for a brand new PS5 game? Will you wait for sales to grab them at a cheaper price? Place your vote in our poll and expand on your thoughts in the comments below.

Would you pay $70 for a brand new PS5 game?