When Will You Buy a PS5? Poll 1

Deciding when to pull the trigger on purchasing a PlayStation 5 will be an important factor for many. It's a verdict that represents a much weightier investment than simply buying a game, taking into account your financial situation and what stage of life you're at. Next-gen consoles are always pricey at launch, and so we want to know where your head is currently at when it comes to actually buying the PS5.

Are you ready for the next generation to start and just waiting for Sony to say when you can pre-order your own unit or are you more reserved? Will you wait for a couple of the bigger PS5 games to release before diving in so that you have a pool of great titles to play straight away? In today's Push Square poll, we want to know when you're currently thinking of picking up Sony's next console. Place your vote in our poll and expand on your thoughts in the comments below.

When will you buy a PS5?