Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Art

A new, official artbook for the Mass Effect Trilogy has been spotted on a number of websites, including Amazon. Titled 'Art of the Mass Effect Trilogy: Expanded Edition', the book is currently up for pre-order, and it's set to release on the 23rd March, 2021.

Ever since the book's existence was discovered earlier this week, fans have been speculating over what it means. Could it be that the heavily rumoured Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster is also set to launch in early 2021? While we wouldn't want to jump the gun based on a release date for an artbook, it's an understandable theory.

Many have wondered whether this year's dedicated Mass Effect celebration -- N7 Day, which happens annually on the 7th November -- will see the remastered collection finally be announced. And if that's the case, then an early 2021 launch date would line up rather well.

However, previous reports stated that the remastered Mass Effect Trilogy would release in 2020. Perhaps the coronavirus pandemic has pushed the project back? It's hard to say with no official word to go on.

And so we continue hoping and praying that this remaster actually exists. Are you still holding out hope? Demand some answers in the comments section below.

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