Just like pretty much every game ever, not every single scene that was envisioned for The Last of Us: Part II made it into the final version. Voice actor Laura Bailey recently commented on one sequence which explained the relationship with between Abby and WLF leader Isaac, and now Naughty Dog vice-president Neil Druckmann has revealed another. He states in a spoiler-filled video with Joel voice actor Troy Baker that a scene due to take place at the Farm with Dina and JJ didn't make it into the final game.

Druckmann says that this sequence was fully playable pre-release and was only cut at the last minute. " In Farm, one of the things we had was Ellie hunting. We wanted to show several days of her living on this farm with Dina and she was hunting a boar and the idea was that she couldn't let go of the killing. Like, she needed to kill this animal and that was part of her dealing with her PTSD. And it was kind of interesting to get into her psychique in that she kills the boar and that kind of squeals and she hears Joel. It was mixed with her scream."

For pacing issues, however, the scene was cut. Along with Jackson itself, the Farm is a sequence this particular scribe would have loved to spend more time in. So to hear that there could have been more to Ellie and Dina's time on the Farm together is interesting, to say the least. What do you make of this deleted scene? Let us know in the comments below.

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