Where the Heart Is was announced for PlayStation 4 just two weeks ago as part of a spree of indie-related reveals from Sony, and this title from Armature Studio was one of those which left a real lasting impression. It's an adventure all about the narrative it's trying to tell, packed full of choices to make and decisions which will shape the story in a variety of different ways. We're looking forward to checking it out, and it looks like the plot in question will allow itself to be taken in a vast number of different directions.

Armature Studio told us that Where the Heart Is will contain more than 12 different endings. "Broadly speaking, we are shooting for over a dozen different endings, with the possibility for more if they yield meaningful, compelling story additions. However, these are individual endings. The supporting characters also have their own endings irrespective or respective of each other, again impacted by choices. This adds additional nuance to the dozen-plus endings, but we’re less focused on numbers than serving our underlying story structure. There are some wild, emotional, and strange things that can happen, but overall they support the story that your choices are constructing."

This quote forms just a small part of a larger interview Push Square has conducted with the team behind Where the Heart Is. You'll be able to read the full piece later today. Are you interested in this narrative-based title? Let us know in the comments below.