The epic conclusion to IO Interactive's rebooted Hitman franchise will be coming to PlayStation 5 in January 2021, and to get us all a little bit more excited, the development team has shared a couple of insights which detail what fans should expect. Hitman 3 is said to be the darkest entry in the franchise to date, but the Copenhagen-based studio hasn't forgotten what got them to this position in the first place. "Hitman 3 is about closure on the storyline. It's a trilogy and it's also, as hoky as it sounds, it's a love letter to our core fans."

The team goes on to state that it is pushing the capabilities of AI to its absolute limit while allowing players to carry over all of their locations and unlock from Hitman and Hitman 2 into the third iteration. What IO Interactive really seems to stress though is the fact that Hitman 3 is the darkest instalment in the series yet. Michael Vogt, main writer on the game adds: "Hitman 3 is clearly more dark and more brooding than the previous two chapters, which in a way brings the game as a whole closer to the tone of the story." Nick Price, lead writer on Hitman 3, coins it a "dark spy thriller".

This final entry could be about to get pretty gruesome then, but are you hyped to play it on PS5? Sneak into the comments below.