Eastern Exorcist, formerly known as The Oriental Exorcist, has popped up again after nearly a year's worth of silence. This 2D melee-based action RPG is being put out by Wildfire Game and is due for release on PlayStation 4 at some point in the future. However, the lucky devils among you who own a PC will gain access to the title far sooner as it enters a phase of Early Access from 14th August 2020. Expect lots of first-hand impressions to begin hitting the internet from that date onwards.

Still, it's good to know that PS4 players will one day get their hands on this beautifully stylised experience. "Fighting through a frame-by-frame animated world infested with demonic monsters, survival is a case of mastering control of said weapon, with combat as dazzling to watch in motion as it is devastating on your foe."

Shaoyen Chen, co-founder of Wildfire Game, said: "We wanted Eastern Exorcist to be as striking to watch as it is captivating to play. That’s why this is a hand-drawn adventure where the flow of a fight appears as rich and real on screen as it feels in the hands of the person playing it."

Do you like the look of Eastern Exorcist? Will you be jumping at the chance to play it for yourself early on PC next month? Show off your moves in the comments below.