We thought that Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain got the classic bug-battling franchise very much back on track, but it looks like D3Publisher now wants to take it down another route. Visually that is at the very least. Earth Defense Force: World Brothers is the latest entry in the series and it's coming to PlayStation 4 next year. However, it's the art style which is the immediate standout. It's incredibly blocky, as if everything is made up of Lego.

And, well, we're seriously into it. The trailer above which confirms a western release looks like a whole lot of mindless fun -- a staple of the franchise. You'll even get to fight in famous cities such as London and Cairo in an effort to defend the Voxel Earth. Yeah, we're picking up what Earth Defense Force: World Brothers is putting down.

What do you make of this exciting spin-off? Slaughter some bugs in the comments below.

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