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Death Stranding deploys on PC today, and Kojima Productions has been hyping up the re-release in an interview with Geoff Keighley. Speaking as part of the stream, Kojima Productions’ Yoji Shinkawa pointed to the improvements that the developer has made since releasing the title on the PlayStation 4 last year, with wide-screen support being one of the biggest upgrades.

“Of course, compared with the PS4 version, the resolution and the frame rate have been upgraded,” he explained. “But the biggest surprise I think that people will get is that we supported the 21:9 ultrawide screen, and this is surely expanding the horizontal perspective to [improve] the immersion and the presence with it.”

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Shinkawa added that the wider field of view actually leads to gameplay improvements, as you can “see more enemies and also you can kind of find where you want to go”. He added that the new widescreen format applies to cut-scenes as well: “I could kind of say that you’re kind of watching a TV drama in the previous game, but this time in the PC version it’s more you get the impression that you’re watching a movie at the cinema.”

It’ll be interesting to see whether any of these improvements eventually make their way to the PlayStation 5 – this is still a Sony published project, after all. There’s no word on that right now, but don’t be surprised if we get news about the Japanese giant’s plans for PS4 to PS5 upgrades in the near future.

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