Fantasy Strike launched roughly one year ago today on PlayStation 4. By most accounts it's a solid fighting game with some interesting characters, but it's fair to say that its release didn't have much of an impact. But now, developer Sirlin Games has announced that Fantasy Strike has adopted a free-to-play model.

You can play with all of the game's characters for free, either online or offline, but additional modes and cosmetics must be bought. "This is something we wanted to do all along. We know that it’s a huge benefit to the playerbase, not just in that they can play for free, but also in that it attracts a ton more opponents for everyone and helps vastly expand the community," writes CEO David Sirlin.

Sirlin continues: "The problem for us was always that in order to make the game free-to-play, we have to develop a bunch of other stuff to actually sell. Well, we did that. And we’ve been careful to keep the game completely competitively fair in the process."

If you want to go beyond the fundamentals of the free-to-play package, the 'Core Pack' includes Arcade, Survival, Local Versus, and Boss Rush modes, as well as the ability to play against friends online in private matches. The Core Pack costs £12.99/$19.99.

In any case, it's probably worth giving Fantasy Strike a shot for the low low price of nothing but 4GB of your system's storage. Will you be trying it out? Score a KO in the comments section below.