Astro's Playroom will come pre-installed on every single PlayStation 5 console Sony sells this holiday season, and it looks to be a game that takes full advantage of the unique capabilities of the next-gen DualSense controller. Summer Game Fest lead Geoff Keighley had the chance to go hands on with both the pad and the free title as part of today's livestream, and he couldn't stop showering praise onto the two of them.

In the near four-minute gameplay demo you can watch above, Geoff explores various environments as Astro Bot and gets up to all sorts of mischief. The PS5's adaptive triggers can be used to judge the weight of a jump while blowing onto the controller itself will cause an in-game fan to spin. You can even hear the footsteps of Astro Bot through the speaker as well as other little audio cues. Keighley mentioned that Astro's Playroom will be a "multi-hour" game, so it sounds like we'll all have something to play around with while we wait for the bigger PS5 titles to download and install on launch day.

Will you be checking out Astro's Playroom when you pick up your own PS5? Let us know in the comments below.