THQ Nordic is bringing back Destroy All Humans, the PlayStation 2 cult hit all about terrorising humanity as a puny alien. The PS4 remake is coming very soon, and this latest footage courtesy of IGN shows plenty of promise.

It's going the extra mile in terms of gameplay. While many remakes strive to be authentic to the original, developer Black Forest Games is adding to the experience with some nice tweaks. The jetpack looks far more useful now, and Crypto has a dash move to avoid damage and close in on enemies. The main change, though, comes with the alien's offensive options.

Unlike the original game, the Destroy All Humans remake allows you to mix and match Crypto's powers with his weapons. An example used in this video is using Psychokinesis to grab an Ion Detonator round out of the air and launch it with precision at foes.

The remake lands on Earth on 28th July. Are you ready to take down 1950s America? Abduct the comments section below.