Vacation Simulator put its feet up on PlayStation VR last year, but it seems developer Owlchemy Labs isn't done with it just yet. The sequel to the successful Job Simulator, the game is all about enjoying yourself in various holiday locations, such as the beach or the forest. It seems the team making the game is a group of workaholics, however, as an upcoming DLC puts you back in the workplace.

Back to Job is a free DLC pack coming to Vacation Simulator. It sets you up in a stall beside a pool, and it's your duty to fulfil the requests of holiday-going robots. Whether it's making food, finding them an item they've requested, or entertaining them in some way, you'll be put to work to ensure these bots have the ideal vacation.

There's no exact release date just yet, but Back to Job will arrive for free this fall. Will you hop back into Vacation Simulator? Serve up some answers in the comments section below.