The Last of Us 2 PS4

Update: The Last of Us 2's review bombing has continued following yesterday's shameful episode. The title has now attracted almost 30,000 ratings on Metacritic, with its score sitting at 3.5. That means the rating is moving in a more positive direction, although Naughty Dog vice president Neil Druckmann couldn't help but comment on the saga:

With more information about the game now being shared online, the discourse is only getting uglier. The leaks prior to the release led to some shameful assumptions about the storyline, which have since been dispelled. However, it seems that there's still a degree of bitterness surrounding the plot; Laura Bailey, for example, has had to comment that her character did not have sex with a mocapped Druckmann:

Yes, this is a real rumour that's somehow circulated online! Our recommendation? Get off the Internet and enjoy the bloody game.

Original Story: Would it really be a high profile, controversial release without some review bombing? Yes, some of the worst corners of the internet have once again taken to slating The Last of Us: Part II with extremely negative review scores based on leaks. At the time of writing, the game has a user score of just 3.4 following 24,403 "reviews".

We don't recommend you read any of them because they're stuffed full of the most vile discourse imaginable, but this was probably inevitable following some reactions to the leaks a while back. This is in stark contrast to the official Metascore of 95, garnered through people who have actually rolled credits on the game. If you'd like such an example, why not check out the 10/10 Push Square review? Editor Sammy Barker coined it the "developer's crowning achievement". Nice one, Naughty Dog. And if you're lucky enough to already be playing the game, check out our complete The Last of Us 2 guide.