The Last Of Us 2 Naughty Dog Next Game

What game will Naughty Dog be working on next, once The Last of Us: Part II has hit store shelves? Well, it's safe to assume that the studio's multiplayer project will kick into full gear -- if it hasn't already -- but is the developer thinking about making another sequel, or something completely new? According to company vice president and creative director Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog's near future is undecided.

Druckmann told GQ: "As you start wrapping things up, creatively there are fewer and fewer responsibilities and my mind can't help but think about the next thing. So yeah, the next thing could be a Part III, the next thing could be some new IP."

"Ultimately, the best idea wins," writes the publication, as it summarises Druckmann's thoughts.

Since the release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves all the way back in 2009, it feels like Naughty Dog has gone from strength to strength -- to the point where it's now one of the most prestigious studios in gaming. It'll certainly be interesting to see where it goes from here, especially since its next game will be built for PS5.

What would you like to see from Naughty Dog? Something entirely new, or another big sequel? Give us an honest opinion in the comments section below.

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