If you’ve managed to rid your head of the Bugsnax theme song, you’re a stronger person than us. We haven't stopped humming and singing the welcomingly infectious tune ever since the PlayStation 5 games reveal event and it doesn't look like we're the only ones. In fact, the song is about all social media is willing to discuss in a positive manner right now and it has already given rise to some fantastic cover tracks.

First up is Kinda Funny's very own Andy Cortez, who has come up with a rather sombre take on the tune. It's quite the contrast to the upbeat vibes of the Bugsnax theme song, but this simply demonstrates the sort of mileage these deep and meaningful lyrics have.

And then we have this pop-punk cover from Twitter user Arwings. It definitely takes the tune and runs with it, quickening the beat to an electrifying pace to the point where you can hardly keep up. We suppose that's appropriate for one of 2020's Game of the Year frontrunners though.


We love all of these covers of the classic Bugsnax theme song, but are any of them actually better than the original? No way, that's impossible! Talkin 'bout Bugsnax.

[source twitter.com, via twitter.com]