Sony's really splashing the cash for this PlayStation 5 event. Scheduled to be broadcast live this Thursday, the platform holder is getting ready to lift the lid on PS5 with a games showcase. While the anticipation online is palpable at this point, it seems Sony is thinking even bigger. The above 16-second teaser clip is not only doing the rounds on social sites, it's appearing on live television.

That's right -- Sony is promoting the PS5 reveal event on TV. The aforementioned PS5 video was spotted on ESPN:

It's not the only sighting, either. Other ESPN viewers are claiming to have seen the advert too, so there's no doubt this is the real deal.

For Sony to be forking out on TV spots for this PS5 reveal event is pretty astonishing. We understand wanting to advertise the console, or its games, but to market a live stream on national telly? That's a whole other level. It seems the company is really going for it.

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