Rogue Legacy is one of our favourite roguelite games, so news of a sequel got us very excited. The original saw you attempting to lift a curse on your family, playing as the offspring of your previous character with each run. With persistent upgrades and unique character traits, it's an ultra-addictive loop, and it looks like the sequel is more of the same.

This new trailer shows off gameplay in Rogue Legacy 2, and it appears to be sticking to the tried and tested formula. It does have a nice new art style, and the developer is promising there are plenty of new features to come. In the meantime, the game is heading to early access on PC next month, so it could be a while before we see it on PlayStation. It's possible we're looking at a PS5 game, rather than PS4.

Still, it's exciting we're getting a sequel at all. Hopefully it's not too far away. What do you think of Rogue Legacy 2? Respect your elders in the comments section below.