PS5 DualSense Controller 1

How can you not fall in love with little details like this? Sony announced the DualSense controller some time ago, but it’s taken until today for the Internet to pay attention to one of its best details: the grip is made up of tiny PlayStation symbols. We first caught wind of this courtesy of a Tweet by Wushu Studios’ communications manager, Shinobi602. Since then, it’s gone a little bit viral, with many fans heaping praise on the delicate detail.

Check it out for yourself, courtesy of the zoomed picture below:

PS5 DualSense Controller 2

Amazingly, this detail doesn’t just apply to the DualSense controller, but also the PS5’s entire product family. The new PlayStation Camera has the same textured finish, for example, as does the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset and even the console itself. Alright, it’s not going to change anything about your next-gen experience, but it’s the little things that matter, right readers?