PS5 PlayStation 5 Size Comparison
Image: @bonanza_JP

How big is PlayStation 5? How much room will PS5 take up in your living space? If we're to believe a bunch of fan-made estimates, Sony's next-gen console is shaping up to be a real giant.

The company has yet to share official dimensions of the standard PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition, so we don't know the exact measurements right now. However, many are using the disc drive as a way to compare the console to others. Going by this alone, PS5 appears to be Sony's largest machine yet.

Take a look at some of these comparison images, shared on Twitter:

Current estimations put the PS5 at a height (or length, if you want to put it on its side) of 35-36cm, or about 14 inches. As some are pointing out, the extremely popular KALLAX range of shelving from IKEA will not house the PS5 -- that is, if these estimates are accurate.

Hopefully Sony will reveal more details on the hardware, including measurements, in the near future. Where will PS5 sit in your gaming space? Will it fit in your TV stand, or are you going to have to make some room? Tell us in the comments section below.