Wow, Team 17 is really dedicated to Overcooked 2, isn't it? The game released back in 2018, and has been receiving free and premium DLC on a semi-regular basis ever since. For a game of this scale, it's pretty impressive. The support continues with Sun's Out Buns Out, an upcoming DLC pack that'll be free of charge.

This summery package introduces five new levels in which you'll cook up some new recipes and deal with dangerous hazards. Ice cream floats and summer salads are the new additions to the menu, and boxes of fireworks will make things explosive in the kitchen. Finally, a duo of new canine chefs join the roster of playable characters.

Sun's Out Buns Out is coming to PC first on 5th July, but developer Ghost Town Games has confirmed a "mid-July" release for consoles. Will you be getting back in the kitchen to play this new Overcooked 2 content? Turn up the heat in the comments section below.